Monday, 6 December 2010

Moving Forward for Zazu Jewellery

Hi Everyone,

It feels like its been ages since I last wrote anything and there has been lots going on.
Firstly yesterday was my last craft fair of the year, I wont be booking any smaller ones next year and maybe just a couple of the bigger ones if I can get in.

Im hoping that towards the end of January I will get my Party Plan business together. I have met up with a lovely lady who lives down the road from me who is very interested. I am hoping to get about 5 agents initially. I just need to get photo's, catalogue, order forms, a chip and pin machine and some advertising material! (not too much)

I have launched my new site, there is still loads of work that needs doing on it and new items to go onto it and new ranges which will be launched in the new year. These include more sterling silver ranges, wedding ranges and my new card range.

Well I think that's all for now, speak soon.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Make of the day and a project (thanks to Mummy!)

Today I made this pendant which has a chunky faceted Rock Crystal drop surrounded by white freshwater pearls. 
This is going to become one of my collections which will have this pendant which is ideal for Bridesmaids, a fuller  necklace which will have a fan effect with the Rock Crystal drops, Earrings and a bracelet.

It will also come in a midnight version which will have oxidised silver and black agate beads instead of pearls - perfect for a glitzy night out!

My Mum also gave me a broken silver matchstick holder, it is really pretty and decorative and both decided it would make a fab belt buckle so that is what I plan to do!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Latest order and commission

A lovely lady from America contacted me on Etsy asking if I could make one of my silver spiral necklaces for her and a pair of earrings that she wanted to go with it.

She knew exactly what the earrings should look like and this is them. I hope she likes them.
They are being sent out tomorrow for her.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Come see Me! - Handmade Birmingham

Hello everyone, just to let you know that I will be having a stall at the Handmade Birmingham Market this Saturday. Its on from 9-5 in Edgbaston Street between the Bull Ring and the Rag Market.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to grab yourself some really different Christmas presents as all the stalls are selling handmade goodies.

I am heading up on the train so need to carefully plan what i'm taking (not very good at this!).

Other News:
I have been featured in Warwickshire Life magazine this month, there is also a little picture on the front page!
I am now stocking The Gift Gallery in The Shambles, York and will be meeting with another shop next week so wish me luck!

oh before I forget I will be launching my new website at the end of the week - although these are some technical issues to sort out first!

Well thats all from me for now

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Absolutely Fuming!

I have spent the last week making up stock and half the morning getting ready for a night time fashion show event this evening.
I left the house in plenty of time and got myself £25 of petrol.
I drove to Birmingham and Sat Nav said I had arrived (I couldn't find the location!) I parked up which cost me £2 for half an hour and I took a wander, asked a passer by where the location was but no luck.
I got back to the car and phoned the number that I was given in an email to get instructions on finding their loading bay but got the answer phone.
So I set off in the car again but just couldn't find it. I parked in a bus stop to ask a taxi driver and bus driver but they didn't know. I was still soo close to the Sat Nav location as well!
I phoned Rob at home and he went on the website and got through to the same answer phone.
After 1 hour 15minutes I called the number for the third time and left a message (a bit arsy) I just couldn't believe that they would give a number but not answer.
An hour and a half of driving went passed and 15 minutes before the event started and I decided to come home.

So I spent £50 on the event, over 80 miles travelled and £2 parking. Why did I not just stay at home and buy the amazing shoes that I have been drooling over this week!

And relax........

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Very Busy Week

I have set myself a quite large weekly 'to do' list in order to get everything done in time for my first trade fair in April.

I have been busy loading items to my Etsy page as it has been very neglected recently. There are some great bargains here and most are one off items.
I have also been putting some things on Ebay in an attempt to make some space for my stock.

A new website should be ready (fingers crossed) by the end of October, I have been busy loading items but there is still loads to do, this is a sneak peak so far.

This is a new collection based on some jewellery I have previously made. These would make ideal wedding jewellery. Made with freshwater pearls, rock crystal and cute sterling silver toggle clasps.
I just need to design some matching earrings now.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Its been a long time

Its been such a long time since I last blogged.
I took on a part time job recently but didn't enjoy it and when they messed up my wages that was the final straw!

Anyway, I feel like my preparations are a bit behind schedule for the British Craft Trade Fair (BCTF) next year.
I have been thinking about some new collections which i;m really excited about.

I have booked the B&B which is in a pretty looking pub a couple of miles away from the event. I am getting Ikea vouchers for Christmas so I can get my displays, my sister is getting me a table and chairs and I have just bought 4 lovely frames from Ebay to display some collection. What do you think of these? 

Im busy designing my new non jewellery range for the trade fair as well as a new website which I hope will be live by the end of October.

Only 5 months to go, so better get cracking!

Monday, 9 August 2010

Exciting News

I applied for the BCTF a couple of weeks ago thinking that I would never get in but I did.
It is a trade event for British designers so I feel very privileged to have got in.

I have been checking the site ever since I found out I had been accepted to see if my name was there and today it was - I'm so excited but really nervous as well.

I also signed up for their online magazine. This is my page.

If anyone has any hints and tips for my first trade event I would love to hear them.

Now to get on with making and designing my stand.

Speak soon

Friday, 6 August 2010

Studio 61 - Exhibition

Wow it seems like its been a long time since I last blogged.
This month I have an exhibition at Studio 61 which is a gorgeous little gallery just outside Matlock in Derbyshire.

I have taken a few pics of the gallery and lovely Karina has taken a picture of some of my pieces in their new home.

Some of my items on display

Some of Karina's mugs and the most amazing scented candles

Loads of bath and body goodies

Another room with Paintings and ceramics

The boutique section with jewellery and bags

The window with a beach theme

If you get the chance please do go and visit it is in a beautiful location and there is always a pot of coffee on the go.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Warwickshire Arts Week - Part 3

After visiting some artists/designers in various mediums last week I have been feeling really inspired. There is a an incredibly talented bunch around Warwickshire.

Below are three people myself and my friend went to visit.

Andrew Flint makes gorgeous human scale forms and vessels from ceramics. He had them displayed in his garden and they looked absolutely amazing.

Jane and Neil Moore were both exhibiting their work in their beautiful home. Such friendly people, we had a chat with Neil about his large figurative paintings and Jane was so helpful with her advice for me and Sam and our jewellery careers as well as making us a teeny bit jealous of her fab studio space!

Jane's work is enamelled silver jewellery. She is incredibly talented and uses a really unique way to make her pieces.

Neil is a very talented painter, they were all really large and he framed them himself as well. He had a real way of making the eyes on the paintings look so alive and bright. They really captured your attention

Monday, 5 July 2010

Warwickshire Arts Week - Part 2

Following my blog from yesterday I am including some more people that I went to visit on Saturdays trip out to see some artists.

These lovely people were all exhibiting in the same location and were just fantastic.

Bren Boardman works with screen printed fabrics and stitching which is then melted to create the most amazing pieces of art.
She is a very talented lady and gave me a lot of inspiration and help on getting my ideas down on paper.

Tom Hare uses willow to create stunning outdoor art pieces and sculptures.

Nicola Richards is a ceramicist. She makes her items by using a variety of smoke firing techniques. She gave us a quick demo and made it look a lot easier than I know it would be!

More very inspirational people to be featured tomorrow.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Warwickshire Arts Week

Yesterday me and my friend Sam went round a few local artists open studios. I was absolutely amazed at the talent there is around Warwickshire. 
Over the next week I shall be blogging about my favourite designers we saw yesterday.

Peter Lovelock is a very talented photographer and also does some amazing drawings using a stippling technique.

This is my favourite by him.
Check out Peters website

We also saw Andrea Thorpe who happens to be our tutor at college. She has some gorgeous chunky silver jewellery with various designs including Cherry Blossom, Bamboo and Protea.

These are from her Cherry Blossom range.
Take a peek at her items at

I have loads more people I want to give a mention to so will do over the next week.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Birds of a Feather - Folksy Friday

Todays Folksy Friday follows a bird theme. I get woken up every morning by birds singing in the tree outside my bedroom window. I have never seen theses birds so this is what I imagine them to look like!

Wee Bird Pendant by Cherryloco

Cartwheel Bird Print by Bird & Bridge

Bird Cushion by Sew Gorgeous

Bird Hairclips by Bbel

Who?What? Bird by FruteJuce

The Song Bird by Terri Lowe Design

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Folksy Friday - Roses

Today's Folksy Friday is all about roses. I have just found some pretty pink ones that have cropped up from no where in my garden so thought I would look for more from the clever people on Folksy.

Mini Rose Stained Glass Window

White Rose Print

Handmade Soap Rose and Rose Petals

Gothic Rose

Shabby Rose Mannequin with Cast Iron Stand

by I Love Vintage

Rose Bracelet

Sunday, 20 June 2010

See Through Spirals

Some of you may remember seeing my Silver Spirals post about a new range I am developing, well this is another part of the collection. Made from clear plastic with hints of colour these are really cute little earrings.

The latest addition to this collection will be revealed soon.


Sunday, 13 June 2010

My Friends Bags and Purses

My friend Zoe has been making hand bags and accessories for quite a while now. Each one is handmade and there are no two quite the same.
She tends to use retro gothic style fabrics and then adds finishing touches such as lace, ribbons and handmade buttons.

These are a few of her items which can be seen here and here

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Folksy Friday - Oranges and Lemons

This is my first Folksy Friday, all things orange and yellow perfect to get ready for summer (although you wouldnt believe it at the moment!)




1. Four Glass Yellow Flower Coasters by KJ Designs 
2. Orange Flower Hair Grips by Lauras Jewellery
3. Orange Fern Shoulder Bag by Kryshees
4. Yellow Shakespeare Corsage by Nellie and Elsie
5. Yellow Duck Button Earrings by Make a Wish
6. Orange Hand Printed Purse by Sabine Cornic