Friday, 9 July 2010

Warwickshire Arts Week - Part 3

After visiting some artists/designers in various mediums last week I have been feeling really inspired. There is a an incredibly talented bunch around Warwickshire.

Below are three people myself and my friend went to visit.

Andrew Flint makes gorgeous human scale forms and vessels from ceramics. He had them displayed in his garden and they looked absolutely amazing.

Jane and Neil Moore were both exhibiting their work in their beautiful home. Such friendly people, we had a chat with Neil about his large figurative paintings and Jane was so helpful with her advice for me and Sam and our jewellery careers as well as making us a teeny bit jealous of her fab studio space!

Jane's work is enamelled silver jewellery. She is incredibly talented and uses a really unique way to make her pieces.

Neil is a very talented painter, they were all really large and he framed them himself as well. He had a real way of making the eyes on the paintings look so alive and bright. They really captured your attention

Monday, 5 July 2010

Warwickshire Arts Week - Part 2

Following my blog from yesterday I am including some more people that I went to visit on Saturdays trip out to see some artists.

These lovely people were all exhibiting in the same location and were just fantastic.

Bren Boardman works with screen printed fabrics and stitching which is then melted to create the most amazing pieces of art.
She is a very talented lady and gave me a lot of inspiration and help on getting my ideas down on paper.

Tom Hare uses willow to create stunning outdoor art pieces and sculptures.

Nicola Richards is a ceramicist. She makes her items by using a variety of smoke firing techniques. She gave us a quick demo and made it look a lot easier than I know it would be!

More very inspirational people to be featured tomorrow.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Warwickshire Arts Week

Yesterday me and my friend Sam went round a few local artists open studios. I was absolutely amazed at the talent there is around Warwickshire. 
Over the next week I shall be blogging about my favourite designers we saw yesterday.

Peter Lovelock is a very talented photographer and also does some amazing drawings using a stippling technique.

This is my favourite by him.
Check out Peters website

We also saw Andrea Thorpe who happens to be our tutor at college. She has some gorgeous chunky silver jewellery with various designs including Cherry Blossom, Bamboo and Protea.

These are from her Cherry Blossom range.
Take a peek at her items at

I have loads more people I want to give a mention to so will do over the next week.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Birds of a Feather - Folksy Friday

Todays Folksy Friday follows a bird theme. I get woken up every morning by birds singing in the tree outside my bedroom window. I have never seen theses birds so this is what I imagine them to look like!

Wee Bird Pendant by Cherryloco

Cartwheel Bird Print by Bird & Bridge

Bird Cushion by Sew Gorgeous

Bird Hairclips by Bbel

Who?What? Bird by FruteJuce

The Song Bird by Terri Lowe Design