Saturday, 19 November 2011

Zazu Videography

Have you seen this fantastic video of one of my cards being made?
Photos were taken of every movement made to make the design and hey presto a video has been created!

and this is the finished design, I decided to turn it into postcards instead but may get some cards done too.

Postcards in packs of 4 with envelopes for just £2.50 available here

Gift Wrap £1.10 available here

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

What a Knight!

As some of you may know last night myself and Rob headed down into town to the Leamington Spa Assembly to see a gig.
I have been told for a couple of years now that I need to go as it is an amazing live venue and boy they werent wrong.
The venue is very intimate with intricate wall paper and decor, very art deco.

We had a great spot just two away from the front and had an amazing view.
The first group up were a group of 4 lads all of which played their own instruments and had incredible voices. They are from Australia and this was their debut in the UK. They are called Electric Empire so check them out.

There was another chap who's name I can't remember but was famous when I was just a little girl.

And then there was the absolutely stunning Beverley Knight. I didn't realise I knew so many of the songs, it was a real blast from the past and I will definitely be getting her albums now as the powerful voice coming out of this petite lady was incredible.
She came on stage in skin tight black trousers (like Sandy on Greece) and absolutely rocked the place!
There were a number of super quick outfit changes each time having more of a wow factor. I honestly dont know how she got changed so quickly!

At the end of the night the whole crowd sang Happy Birthday to her backing singer Bryan.

Myself and Rob were lucky enough to get passes to see Beverley after the show. There were only about 10 or so people who got to meet her so feel very privalaged.

We were all ushered to the bar area where Beverley came to meet up after getting changed a few minutes later. She came in with her cup of tea - very rock and roll!

She spent a few minutes talking to people and then came over to Rob and scaredy cat me  in the corner!
Beverley is the nicest person, just so lovely and friendly. I made her a necklace which I hope she liked, it was based on my Gaia necklace but a little more intricate.

I just want to say a huge thank you Beverley for putting on an amazing show and for putting up with me waffling to you last night!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Thinking about my New Years Resolution already

I have been at another event today and it has got me thinking about next year and where I want to go with the business.

So here goes:
I will not be attending smaller events
I will not be making things that I don't enjoy just because I think it will sell
I want to gain more stockist for both the cards and jewellery
I would like to have more of an online presence so will be looking into SEO a bit more
I would love to make more of a mixture of price ranges so make some lovely top quality gemstone jewellery
I want to attend a wedding fayre
The gift range is going to grow and I would love to add new items regularly

Well thats my thinking done until next year!