Saturday, 23 October 2010

Absolutely Fuming!

I have spent the last week making up stock and half the morning getting ready for a night time fashion show event this evening.
I left the house in plenty of time and got myself £25 of petrol.
I drove to Birmingham and Sat Nav said I had arrived (I couldn't find the location!) I parked up which cost me £2 for half an hour and I took a wander, asked a passer by where the location was but no luck.
I got back to the car and phoned the number that I was given in an email to get instructions on finding their loading bay but got the answer phone.
So I set off in the car again but just couldn't find it. I parked in a bus stop to ask a taxi driver and bus driver but they didn't know. I was still soo close to the Sat Nav location as well!
I phoned Rob at home and he went on the website and got through to the same answer phone.
After 1 hour 15minutes I called the number for the third time and left a message (a bit arsy) I just couldn't believe that they would give a number but not answer.
An hour and a half of driving went passed and 15 minutes before the event started and I decided to come home.

So I spent £50 on the event, over 80 miles travelled and £2 parking. Why did I not just stay at home and buy the amazing shoes that I have been drooling over this week!

And relax........

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