Friday, 16 September 2011

Halifax - Who Gives You Extra?!

As some of you may know 'R' lost his job in August. When it happened the first thing we did was to go into our local Halifax branch to arrange a payment holiday.

The chap was really helpful and said we would be eligible for up to 6 months payment free. We initially only took out 1 month and decided to take each month as it comes.

So we are coming to the end of the month and 'R' still hasn't got any full time work, although things are looking promising. This morning we headed into branch again and they said it wasn't anything they could do in branch. What? Only a month ago did we sort the last one out.

They said we needed to phone up to sort it so we requested to use one of their phones. I was on hold for 15 minutes only to be told we cant have another holiday. Again, What? We were told 6 months last month.

The bloke on the phone sounded as if he was half asleep and couldn't really give a damn about our case, he even asked us why we wanted the holiday... erm the same reason as last month.
He then went onto ask, 'well is he getting a job?' that is the plan I replied but it still means another month without money.

So as I tend to, I lost my rag a little, for him to finally say he has another solution.
His solution was that because 'R' had been making regular over payments we could have October off as it would be coming out of that money but after that nothing, zilch, Nada!

So what has Halifax done to give us extra.....
Naff all, just given us our own money back but refusing to help after that.
What happens if R isn't working in November? Are they prepared to just let us lose our home?

What else has happened between me and Halifax?

Last month went in branch to reduce my overdraft, they took all relevant information put it through the system and gave me a print out, so why did it fail to change on my account?

Had issues making payments when paying for shopping on my card, luckily I have a spare card with a different back.
Went into branch, they said there was nothing wrong but maybe I should try the card by making a small payment like buying a coffee before buying food shopping - thanks for that!

I phoned up recently to discuss my loan, I got through to someone who went on to transfer me to Sainsbury's - Yep I kid you not! The lady at Sainsbury's was very helpful, I just wish I would have taken the loan with them now!

When we took out the mortgage with Halifax they would be prepared to lend us 170k but wouldn't give us a joint bank account for us to put some of our wages into to pay the mortgage and bills. How does that work?

That's enough from me because I am about to boil!

Thanks Halifax for all your help over the last 24 years. I cannot wait till next year as when my loan comes to an end I will be moving current account, mortgage and ISA too.
It may not be much of a loss to Halifax but it will give me great satisfaction to go into branch and close each of the accounts.

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