Friday, 23 September 2011

Cards, Post Cards & Wrapping Papers

I have been doing a lot of talking recently about launching a new gift range.
Well (drum roll please) hear is the first of it - YAY!

All of the designs have been made using beads I use in my jewellery

We have launched 4 postcard designs which will be sold in packs of 4 with envelopes these retail at £2.50 per pack.

There are 4 greeting card designs, left blank on the inside to use as you wish. These retail at £1.80 each

This is my favourite on, images of the rest will follow.

Some of the designs have also been made into gift wraps, these retail at £1.10 each gift tags will follow soon
These are large sheets measuring 50cm x 70cm

I hope you all like them, would love to hear your comments
We will be looking for shops to stock these items, if you would be interested please do get in touch here.


  1. Your designs are lovely, wishing you the best of luck with them, I hope you get them into loads of stores.
    Just read your Halifax post, You must be so worried, I totally understand the problems you are experiencing, we have been to hell and back since my husband lost his business 6 yrs ago. No help from anybody and just a whole load of humiliation. I do hope your hubby finds a job soon xx

  2. Thank you Karen for your response, I'm so pleased the designs are going down well, it was such a worry.
    Halifax have been incredibly unhelpful but a couple of hours after posting that they called and said we could have one more payment break but that would be it.
    Your business seems to be going from strength to strength and your White Approach is a lovely business.
    Lets hope 2012 gets easier for both of