Sunday, 6 March 2011

Having a little de stash!

Now that I have finally decided on ranges I will be selling beads that I wont be needing anymore. If there is anything you like the look of just leave a message or email me on

This is for dyed freshwater pearls in grey, 3 different pinks, 3 different yelows, 2 different blues, purple, burgandy and an orangy/gold. This is £6.00 including postage

I also have semi precious stone chips.
These are 32" strands, there are 9 strands of small Rock Crystal chips. £1.80 a strand including delivery

There are also 2 strands of Fluourite chips, strands of Rose Quartz, 1 strand of Pink Opal, 1 strand of Hematite, 3 strands of Larbradorite and a 22" strand of Lapis Lazuli chips with 4 Black Agate heart beads 15mm.
All these are just £1.80 each

I have 3 puffy hearts which are drilled across the top. They measure approx 30mm tall and wide.
I have a Green Aventurine (as pictured), Blue Sandstone and Amethyst. £1.50 incl postage

2 15" strands of blister pearls. £2.00 incl postage

Square glass beads 20mm x 6mm thick. There are 6 grey, 12 purple, 4 blue, 6 gold & 4 green. £4.00 incl postage

silver coloured tiara base £1.80 incl postage

8 Blue lace agate roses with double holes at the back. They measure approx 15mm. £2.00 incl postage , 6mm Swarovski AB bicones. These are the drop ones with the hole at the top of the bead. £5.00 incl postage

There is a lot more to come including Murano Glass hearts and stars, Jade hearts, Rose Quartz hearts, mixed strands, Glass pendants, Silver bangle blanks and memory wire rings.

If anything takes your fancy just give me a shout.

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