Sunday, 26 February 2012

So why do I want funding?

Some (most) of you will have seen me pestering you over the last few days and this is why.

Since I started my business back in 2009 everything has been done on a shoe string, I would sell something I no longer need on Ebay in order to buy a new tool for the business!

I have applied for numerous funding methods but for various reasons including location, 'proper' job and owning a home it was just all stacked against me. So for the past 3 years I have been plodding along really, but it is very difficult as I know it is what I want to do.

Something I would really love to do would be to run jewellery making workshops and this is why I have applied for funding of £450, there are no boxes that need ticking in terms of my or my businesses circumstances. I did however need to prove what it would be used for.
So how do I get hold of this money?
Well I am relying heavily on you lovely folk. All it takes is a quick registration which takes your name and email, a couple of tick boxes and your done!
You will get a couple of emails as soon as you do that but you will NOT be spammed.
The whole process takes about 1 minute.

Each vote that I get counts as £1 so I need 450 votes and unless I get the full amount I will not get anything.

I recently attended a jewellery course in London, the course started at 10am yet I had to be up at 3am. I didn't get home til gone 9pm. It was such a long day and that is partly why I would like to run some classes.

Ideally I would love to secure some kind of premises in Leamington/Warwick where I can permanently house all my equipment.
When I am not running my own class other crafts people or small groups could use the space and I could even allow individuals to use the space and tools as they can be an expensive investment.
Please please take a minute out of your day to help me, if you leave a comment on the page you will also receive a discount code for use on my website.

Please vote here HERE!

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