Tuesday, 10 January 2012


I will try and find something other than the business to talk about before long. It just seems like the past couple of months have helped me find the direction I want to head into.

I attended a Meet the Buyers event at Argos today, it was a very good day. I wore by gold Gaia necklace but showed my simpler more 'Gifty' items that I thought would be more in keeping with the Argos pricing.
The one piece that the buyer was interested in though was my Gaia necklace!

This has led me to a descision about my business.

When I started making jewellery I wanted to please everyone. I made lots of what I call 'gifty' jewellery which was relatively cheap to make and proved very popular. 

The kind of thing was my Amor Swarovski Crystal heart pendants. Silver was a lot cheaper back then, the chains I use have gone up £2 each and the bails have doubled in price since them.
If I was to re calculate the prices they would actually work out quite expensive, I don't want this and customers certainly don't.
They were great earners for me at events but they don't really say anything about my making skills do they? I also got fed up of people prepared to spend £20 on one of these pendants but would complain that £20 on a hand made silver linked bracelet was far too expensive! This is why these and other items will be discontinued. I want to concentrate on MY pieces.

When I attended a trade fair last year the main items that got visitors attention were my Gaia range. This is what I got sales on. 
They always get attention and are the pieces I am most proud about, and the one piece of jewellery I always wear when I am making an effort.
This is also the piece that Beverley Knight owns and the piece that won me a competition.

So, I will be working on new silver pieces and these will be the things that I will focus on selling from now on. Whilst I will be discontinuing a few ranges, I will still be able to make them should people want.

I have also been labelled as a 'Wedding' jeweller designer, whilst I realise some of my pieces do lend myself to weddings I will probably be using pearls in a much different way from now on! 
Again I will be able to make up any style of jewellery and I will probably enjoy it a lot more when it isn't the main focus of my business.
I have fallen out of love with a number of different products that I use so this year I intend to make things that make me happy, try not to please all markets my making a whole range of items and styles and prices and mix matching them on one stall. I think this confuses everyone.

I want to use the skills I have learnt as a jeweller more and to become known for my silver pieces.

I would love to hear your opinions on this and whether your business has moved in a different direction?


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