Saturday, 1 May 2010

What a day!

I had my first craft fair of the year today. I got up bright and early drove to the venue with an hours set up time but couldnt find the building anywhere!

In the end I got some help from a lovely parking warden! I know! He walked with me to the gallery which I would never of seen on my own.

There was no parking which proved a real pain too.

The event turned out to be a complete washout there were so many jewellery stalls and virtually no passing trade.

As it was so quiet it did give me time to get making and I did this. Its made from handmade lampwork glass beads in clear and crystal cubes (excuse the pic)

I also met a lovely man called Dave. He and his wife make jewellery made from real flowers. They are truly stunning. I have seen them at events before but never had the chance to talk before today.

These are some of their items.

Take a look at some of their items on:

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